Maurice VanderVelde Junior Scholars Award Announcement

I am pleased to announce this year’s winners of the prestigious VanderVelde Junior Scholars Award, a scholarship supporting outstanding junior or senior students in collaborative research with a Trinity professor:

  • Hannah Dykstra – Dr. Bill Boerman-Cornell & Professor Ryan Thompson (Art) – Shostakovich Graphic Novel

This interdisciplinary study extends Hannah’s previous research on the composer Dmitri Shostakovich in order to create a graphic novel about his life and work.

  • Derek Frejd – Dr. Clay Carlson (Biology) – The Genomic and Morphological Effects of Bisphenol A on Arabidopsis thaliana

This study explores genetic expression in the quick-growing flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana in order to study the effects of the molecule BPA.

  • Valerie Jochems and Anna Spotts – Dr. Bob Boomsma (Biology)- The Effects of Oxygen, Serum, and Chemoattractants on Mesenchymal Stem Cell Migration

In order to improve healing capacities of the heart after a heart attack, this project examines factors affecting mesenchymal stem cell migration within heart tissue.

  • Lauren Kuipers – Dr. Abbie Schrotenboer – Biodiversity of Plant Species at Trinity Christian College

Moved by an Christian concern for ecological wellness, these researchers will survey diverse plant species on Trinity’s ARCC basin in comparison with a file of sown species in that area. 

  • Ellie Sterenberg – Professor Ellen Browning (Graphic Design) – Cinderella and the Bible in Book Design & Typography

 This project aims to publish a hardcover book with original illustrations and ornamentation, all of which will put the Cinderella story into dialogue with the Christian story of redemption.

Interested in applying for next year’s VanderVelde Awards?  Make sure to come to the informational breakfast in April 2016. Of course, I’d be glad to chat with you about any proposal ideas you might already be concocting!  ( or 708-239-4881).


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