Getting Honors Work Started

Brainstorming your final research project for the Honors ProgramTake a gander at what your peers have been doing over this past year in their Honors Work in the Major projects:

  • Kristen Blok worked with Dr. Colosimo to study the intersection of mindfulness and eating. She plans to submit her essay to a journal this summer.
  • Several students–Adam Suwyn, Logan Vos, Taylor Boice, and Matt Wydra–worked with Dr. Hamilton as team leaders on organizational consulting projects for local companies.
  • Molly Gobeli & Rebecca Vannette worked with Professor Decker to research the extraordinary stresses of nursing education and then presented their findings to Trinity nursing students in a series of workshops.
  • Kerry Garrison worked under Dr. Sebestyen’s tutelage in order to direct the absurdist drama The Chairs in the Black box theatre.
  • Jessica Jacobi (working with Dr. Carlson) planned and executed a middle-school on-campus science fair about DNA.
  • Michael Kunnen and Dr. Carlson developed a Christian approach to metagenomics, especially in relation to microbes in the human body. Dr. Carlson is working this co-authored work towards publication in either Christian Scholar’s Review or Perspectives.
  • Simona Sidaugaite working with political science Professor Schultz researched issues related to race in the United States, especially in the wake of the Michael Brown, George Zimmerman, and Eric Garner cases. She conducted on-campus forums to make space for talk about these issues.
  • Hannah Wasco researched with Dr. Fry the complexities of the controversial presidential election of 1800, when Aaron Burr was drawing all the headlines.
  • Kathryn Woodside and Dr. Boerman-Cornell analyzed representations of gender and race in young adult fiction winners in Nebraska’s Golden Sower Award.
  • Kaitlyn Claerbaut – Researched connections between depression and cardiopulmonary disease. She submitted her article to the McGill Journal of Medicine

Let me know if you’d like to chat about your own HWM ideas: or 708-239-4881.


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