Be Still And…

KnOOOw.  (pronounced no-o.)  Definition: to really truly know, with complete certainty; most commonly used in phrases such as, “Yes, but how do I knOOOw?”

You know the word I’m talking about.

I happen to think that this could be an accurate dictionary entry for the average college student.  College is a time of transition, and it is in those times that we most often find ourselves questioning what we know, if we know anything at all, and how do we really reach a point of not just knowing, but knOOOwing.

Honors students in Dr. Reppman’s Honors Philosophy course are exploring the idea of knowing with Ester Meek’s book, Longing to Know.  She questions the process of knowing with certainty and tries to pave a way for us to be certain in our knowing.  Confused?  You’re not alone.  The kinds of things Meek and our colleagues in HON108 want to dissect take a lot of energy and processing before any kind of understanding develops.

But today in HON108, the class did something different.  The class integrated philosophy with theology by joining Dr. Starkenburg’s class in their discussion about Augustine.  This conversation allowed for a new level of clarity in understanding how our everyday lives, the rhythms and patterns that we carry out each day, are what really allow us to know with certainty and to come to know God as well.  Honors student, Elizabeth VanderWall, said that this kind of integrated conversation brought more credibility into the discussion already unfolding in their class.

I would like to suggest something, friends.  This “Honors Way” of living can extend beyond the classroom.  If the cross discipline method of engaging philosophy and theology in the classroom setting to expand a conversation of knowing, bring more clarity and more certainty, then a similar pattern would surely help us in our everyday living.

Allow me to explain.

When we as students (or professors) are struggling with the ability to really know the calling the Lord has for us, I want to echo Michael Kunnen’s chapel last week and challenge us to engage in community, seek the Lord in our fellow brothers and sisters, and know Him more fully through these conversations.  Sometimes we get so focused on one way of being that we forget that a huge part of knOOOWing is seeking.

So SEEK, friends.  Seek out knowledge.  Seek out joy.  Actively engage in conversations within this community and be blessed by the gift that it is to be living and learning alongside in a Christian academic community, especially that of our Honors community.

Be wrapped up in the Lord’s love this week and rest in the knowledge that you belong to Him.  There need be no doubt in your minds.  If there is one thing we can knOOOw, it’s that we belong to God.  And when we trust that, everything else seems to fall into place.

Grace and Peace.

Hannah Huisman

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