Spring Honors Seminar

The Spring Semester Honors Seminar has been released! As followers of Christ in a complex world, being able to lead becomes increasingly important to our witness and work in this world. A major part of that leadership is the way that we communicate with each other. The Seminar this upcoming semester focuses on a specific aspect of this communication: our oral communication.

Communications 333 “Rhetoric and Leadership,” led by our own Dr. Mattson, connects his own specialty in rhetoric with contemporary sources on leadership, “giving students opportunities to voice communication’s role in practicing leadership and forming community on our campus and in civic and professional life.”

Three main practices of vocal communication that will be explored: attention, invention, and delivery. As Dr. Mattson reminds us, “It’s hard to pay attention. It’s challenging to invent fresh speech and action. And it’s daunting to speak with boldness. This course equips students to address each of these difficulties.” Since the course is based in communication, much of the homework is delivered through oral delivery. This not only gives a wonderful practice opportunity, but also gives a refreshing break from the typical paperwork in classes. Meeting times will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00- and I think this is a class worth getting up for.

This course delivers skills for those who want to be a leader in any area of their lives. It is also perfect for developing the presentation skills needed in job interviewing and career advancement. I recommend it for anyone who is looking to develop their abilities to formulate and portray leadership to a world in need. Blessings in all your enrolling for the upcoming semester!

– Kaitlyn Claerbaut


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