Take Heart – a word from Ben Hoekstra

I do not know how you feel as this new year ramps up to a beginning. As you accelerate onto the speeding interstate that is a year of college, perhaps you feel excitement. Or perhaps you feel fear. As your willpower pedal hits the metal, you may feel a sense of hopelessness—who will do all that needs to be done? Who will lead, provide direction for you and for those around you? Who?

The Honors Program has this year taken up a new goal: leadership formation. We are called to be formed as people who will show the way, enabling God’s people to step into the chaos of this life. And so as we begin a year and look for leadership, we look to those who will lead. These are the people who will lead the Honors Program when you and I and our classmates have moved on into God’s glorious plan for us after Trinity. These are the new 2014 cohort: the Kappas. The freshmen.

Dr. Mattson asked that I introduce this new cohort.


It may be somewhat fitting that I introduce them. After all, I had the privilege of getting to know them as one of their FYF mentors. To those 2014 Kappas reading this, I hope my introduction does you all justice.
My friends, I do not have the ability nor the words to adequately introduce the 2014 Kappa cohort. But in my feeble attempt, I will tell you three things. First, that they are beautiful different from one another. At Trinity we would call that diversity, but it is really just a uniqueness. In getting to know each of them more deeply, I see children of God that have beautiful, challenging stories full of adventure and growth and so much of God’s handiwork. They are the kind of people I am proud to say go to Trinity.

Second, they are courageous. In their brief time here already, I have seen them try new things, reach out to strangers, meet to talk about God, and be open and vulnerable with people whom they barely know. They are brave.

Finally, the most important thing. The 2014 Kappas are a group that I have come to love as brothers and sisters in Christ. They have so much potential, so much that God will do with them. They give me hope.
I challenge you that you meet these brave, unique individuals. Get to know them and their stories. For you Kappas, I challenge you to get to know those already here, who are ready to live life with you. And to all, I remind you of this—to hope. For God has done great things, and He has only just begun.

kappas 2014


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