Urgent Opportunity to Apply for Fulbright

Are you a junior this fall?  Are you a senior?  Look, folks! Open your eyes!  See in the message below that there are  20+ openings in Taiwan for ETAs (English teaching assistants).


Think about it:  you would spend a year in Taiwan upon graduation.  Taiwan.  Some Fulbrighters love it so much, they stay on another year.  What would you do in Taiwan?  You would teach English at the high school or college level. And, you know, English is a language with which you have some conversancy!  


How would you pay for it?  Well, Fulbright would.  They pay for transportation and room and board, as well as a stipend.


You want to see the world and not just be a tourist?  You want to be a traveler and a giver?  This is the program for you.  It’s a good, good way to spend the year or two after graduating from Trinity.  


When should you start applying?  This fall.  The fall semester is the best time for juniors and seniors (particularly seniors) to apply for this opportunity. 




Fulbright ETAs to Taiwan



20 + Awards Available


 The number of ETA  opportunities to Taiwan have been increased.  Over 20 awards will be available for 2015-16.


Please refer to the Taiwan country summary on the Fulbright US Student Program website for additional program and application information.


 Walter Jackson

Program Manager

U.S. Student Programs

Institute of International Education (IIE)

809 United Nations Plaza

New York  NY  10017-3580

Tel: 212.984.5327

Fax: 212.984.5325

Email: wjackson@iie.org



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