Vander Velde Junior Scholars Announcement

Today, the winners of the prestigious Maurice Vander Velde Junior Scholarship Awards received notices of their successful applications. These five scholarships support outstanding junior or senior students in collaborative research with a Trinity professor in their chosen disciplines.

Please congratulate the finalists for 2014-15 as you run across them on campus:

  • Susannah Strange – Dr. Aron Reppman (Philosophy) – Relationality and Reason in Reformed Philosophy
  • Cassandra Nelson – Dr. Mark Peters (Music) – Chanting the Church Year: Theology and Practice
  • Joe Andringa – Dr. Clay Carlson (Biology) – The Effects of Vitamin D on Breast Cancer Cells
  • Anna Bos & Jonathan Koonce – Dr. Michael Bosscher (Chemistry) – Enhancing Lanthanide Binding Affinity and LRET of Proteins
  • Patrick Page – Dr. Bob Boomsma (Biology) – The Effects of Oxygen Levels, Serum Concentration, and Heat Inactivation on mRNA Expression of Paracrine Factors in Mesenchymal Stem Cells

For those of you applying for Vander Velde Awards next year, it may help you to know that the Honors Committee deliberated about which proposals to support according to these criteria: 1) whether or not the student demonstrated awareness of the project’s relevance and context as well as of the specific background knowledge and/or abilities required to undertake; 2) how ambitiously and realistically, the student articulated his or her project (e.g. with a clear focus, purpose, and agenda); and 3) how strong and articulate the support was from the sponsoring faculty member.

– Dr. Mattson




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