March Madness (Suwyn’s Sanity)

Keeping in touch with my inner nature requires me to include some discussion of sports. All of my friends would agree with this, and anybody that has a conversation with me can generally relate to the fact that much of my free time (such a loaded phrase that is) is spent on or around the industry of sports. And what a great time of year it is for such activities! The Cubs opened the season with a disappointing 1-0 loss to the Pirates in extra innings, while the White Sox got by the Twins in their opener. Meanwhile, the NBA and NHL seasons are winding down, and the pressure is on the best franchise in hockey history (obviously the Red Wings) to make the playoffs for the 23rd consecutive year (hey it’s ok Blackhawks fans you just have to make it every year until 2030 to get to that point). In the midst of all these professional sports, arguably the most well-known tournament in all American sports has made it down to the Final Four teams. With all of this going on, I’m forced to choose where my priorities are in this sports world.

Doesn’t our life match that of a sports fan? From group projects and presentations to tests and papers, everything seems to be ending and starting at the same time. Where will we spend our energy? The season of midterms is over, but the season of finals is barely even on the horizon. OPUS is coming up quickly, and spring break has passed like a mere blip on the radar. This goes without mentioning the beloved Easter break, and the interim experiences we all had. Where do we prioritize our time in this crazy month?

The one thing we can be assured of is this: there will be great moments, stories, heartbreaks, and memories made during this time. Most of these experiences are things we would never be able to predict beforehand. So how do we react? We can be depressed that our bracket got busted and our plans were destroyed. All those good intentions and thoughtful picks are meaningless. Or we can recognize that March Madness is just such a small part of all these great seasons. The woes we feel during this busy time as a student are all a part of the narrative we belong to: life. If we can see these “light and momentary troubles” as another simply another season to be enjoyed, we will have much less stress for the time being.

 So if you’re like me, you’ll probably spend the next few weeks cheering for the Red Wings, hoping the Pistons tank for a better draft pick, and watching the Cubs waste the small amount of talent they actually have. I can rest for the time being without having to deal with the Packers’ success, but that is a discussion for another time. This month of April (which might seem insurmountable) will come and go just as March did, Lord willing. And hopefully we can stand on the other side of it with the same calm sense of appreciation that we now have for March.

– Adam Suwyn


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