Welcome, Honors Students!

There you stand like some dude on a Lake Michigan pier about to do a double-flip dunk into sixty-degree water. Maybe you’re a dude-ette. But you get the picture.

Just a week or so back, I took a dive myself into the Lake at South Haven. It was so cold it made me want to yell imprudent phrases.

(Sounds kind of good right now, actually. The cold water, I mean. Not the phrases.)

You’re starting the semester. It’s like giving up your very self, leaping off the slippery pier, falling through the sunlight, taking to the waves.

After day one of the Fall, 2013 semester, we’re all in the open water. Syllabi and textbooks every which way. Backpacks and ID cards and laptops bobbing. Usernames and passwords and Moodle pages passing us like odd schools of fish.

But once you start to get your bearings, you begin to look around in the sun and wind, and you see other heads bobbing, hear other people laughing, calling out. So you start paddling, thrashing, Australian crawling towards the others.

That’s a bit what it’s like to be in the Honors Program: lots of people keeping together in the torrent of collegiate life, staying afloat mostly. And you know, once you get your breath a bit, the water’s fine.

Which reminds me, here are some buoys to keep an eye peeled for:

• Honors Tea – every Wednesday night in the Fireside Room at 10:30p. Starts next week. Think of it as a breather between the first round of studying after supper and your second round of studying before bed.
• Honors Excursions – Hannah Wasco is planning a weekend venture to the Chicago Humanities Fest in October, and Halie Wisse is planning a theatrical outing. More on both those events to come.
• Honors Communal Meal – September 28, 5:30p at the Mattson Manor in Midlothian. We have a meal like this every month or so, but this is the big raft to get everything started. So save the date and climb aboard!

Let me close this post by encouraging you to keep alert for our latest, newest, freshest incomers to the program:

Ellie Sterenberg
Mikayla Zuidema
Trevor DallaSanta
Anna Spotts
Ben Hoekstra
Rachel Verhage
Valeri Jochems
Elizabeth Smits
Heidi Triezenberg
Kendall Toren
Olivia Winkowitsch
Erin Wessels
Dyvon Melling

Ask Jess Jacobi, my FYF partner-mentor: they’re a great group of folks. Even if your own teeth are chattering a bit, give ’em a warm welcome. And make sure to swing by my not-quite-residence-hall in Groot Hall, 262 and say ahoy.

Dr. Mattson

One comment on “Welcome, Honors Students!

  1. Leah says:

    Dr. Mattson, I don’t mean to take away from this great post, but you should really visit my home and jump in Lake Superior sometime, if you ever want to feel ALIVE. Polar plunge in January – best adrenaline rush of your life.

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