Honors Seminars – Fall 2013

Announcing–Honors Seminars for the upcoming fall!  


HON 333: God, Creation, and the Age of the Universe from a Reformed Perspective

Dr. Yudha Thianto, professor of theology


This course explores intersections between theology and natural science with special attention to the creation account written in Genesis chapters 1 and 2, seeking a balanced look between biblical-theological study of God’s work in creation from a Reformed Theological perspective and scientific findings that tell us about the universe. The students will also look at the most current debates within Christian colleges regarding the issue. In the end, the course will help the student to look at what the church’s confessional standards have talked about God, creation, and the world and how to live the confession in their lives today.



HON 103: Reading to Write, Writing to Learn

Dr. Mark Peters, professor of music

TR, 11AM

This course’s theme (“reading to write, writing to learn”) and format (interdisciplinary, collaborative seminar that focuses on reading and on informal writing) resembles an course offered by Dr. Peters in Fall 2008.  The students will keep company with the nonfiction and fiction of Wendell Berry, Jeffry C. Davis & Philip G. Ryken, Leland Ryken and Anne Tyler.  Each student will submit a writing portfolio at semester’s end, including writings from throughout the semester in final, revised form.


The Honors English course is, of course, specially designed for incoming first-year students, but is available for any Honors student who needs or wishes to enroll.  Any student enrolling in an Honors course is permitted to take an overload free of charge.



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