The DeJong Desk

(This week’s posting comes from Honors Student Josh DeJong.)

My shirt is ironed, my shoes are polished, and my hair is done perfectly. My back is completely upright against the couch, but it is the only part of my body that I can keep still. I desperately try to distract myself from the fact that my armpits are soaked from sweat. Finally my name is called, “Josh.” I look up to see the door at the top of the spiral staircase open with Mark Hanna looking at me. What the heck am I doing?

The time that I have spent as an RA has been some of the best of my life. I have countless stories of late night Nonna’s runs, flowers to old ladies, staff dinners, and so much more.  In my second year as an RA, I have found that time is flying by even faster now. I often am so busy that I forget about meals. But, then again, who doesn’t? Don’t all students get to have these experiences?

When I came to this school two (almost three) years ago, I was pumped to taste the free air. I was ready to do my own thing and to figure out how this crazy world works. However, I had no idea for what I was looking.  I attended the events that I could and tried to make friends where I could. It was a great year, and I was completely satisfied with where I was at the time.  However, I was pushed by Cat Fillmore to apply for an RA position.  After some thought, I decided that I would give it a try.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I have a passion for working with other people. I had always loved being around people, but I never knew about how great it would be to work with people until I actually did it. If I did not try to get involved in any sort of leadership, I would not have known that. It’s like trying to figure out how much money is in your piggy bank. How can you really know unless you take the time to open it up and check? Next year, I hope to be involved in some other position on campus, not only so I can pour into this campus but so that I can learn more about myself as well.  This is the whole reason why we came to a place like Trinity. We want to be free. We want to see the world and see ourselves in new ways. What a better way to do this than to get involved and learn more about yourself in the process!


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