Honoring Life Together This Fall

The Honors Open House in my office this past week was a new thing under the sun, at least for me.  Despite the wild popularity of my usual weekly office hours—which often witness all the crazed energy of a rave—I’m not sure I’ve ever had 18 people in my office at the same time.  Seriously, my office hours are usually tomb-like.  This felt like Pentecost.Image

So, let’s talk a bit about our shared life this semester in the Honors Program.  Three things to chat about:  (1) Honors Tea, (2) Monthly Communal Meals, and (3) Honors Excursions.

 First, Honors Tea.  This upcoming week and for all future weeks this year, we’ll be back in our customary place in the Green Room of the Art and Communication Center from 4:15-5:15 each Wednesday afternoon.  

Oh, and we should talk about Monthly Communal Meals.  The somewhat abbreviated Tea time reflects the fact that once a month (the last Wednesday), we’ll be sharing a communal meal—a simple supper of small, good things (to steal a Raymond Carver line)—at the Mattson home about fifteen minutes from the campus.  So, please block off September 26,  October 31 (Halloween), and November 28 for Honors Communal Meals from 6:00-7:30p.  (I would be grateful for a few of you to come early, during normal Tea time, and help with cooking.)

And, finally, Honors Excursions.  Our first trip will attend the Provision Theatre production of Shaw vs. Chesterton: the Debate.  (See a description at this link: http://www.provisiontheater.org/index.htm.)  During this upcoming week’s Tea, I’ll be soliciting RSVPs, (requesting $5 up front).   And in November, we’ll be heading off to the Chicago Humanities Fest, not presumably in a rented Cadillac with an inscrutable navigation system.  That’s a story for another time.   

 Have a deeply peaceful Labor Day weekend.


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