Salvation at Starved Rock

 After going to Starved Rock this weekend with the Honors Program, you will never be the same. To prove this, I Googled images from the park, and I think the evidence is pretty compelling. Judging by the following pictures, you will, first of all, be married by the end of the hike:

The windswept veil is not included in the package.  (I would like to know what she’s about to pull out of his sleeve.)

Somewhat contradictorily, you can also expect a raw experience of absolute isolation:

To complicate the sociality of the experience, you can also look for opportunites to creep on others while they pose hyper-casually:

As an added bonus, our co-curricular event will involve encounters with extra-terrestrials:

As you hike with us, you may find that you develop a penchant (and surprising capacity) for playing musical instruments you’ve never picked up before:

I include the following image from the park, simply because I don’t know what’s happening here:

But whatever this image betokens, you can be assured–on the authority of Google!–that it will happen to you if you RSVP to my invitation to join the Honors Program for our final co-curricular event of the year!


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