Good news from Vander Velde Scholar

Great news from a former Vander Velde scholar! Monica Brands and Dr. Starkenberg did some work a couple years back on a paper and have subsequently submitted “the beast” (as Monica calls it) last summer to the the Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa, associated with the American Academy of Religion. If you’re in touch with Monica–and even if you’re not–send her a congratulatory note!

And while we’re at it, I should like toinvite you to a Vander Velde Scholars breakfast on Thursday, April 5 (7.30 am in the Cafeteria)–an informational meeting focused on acquainting students and collaborating faculty members with the VV Scholars Program. It will also offer us all a chance to hear from current VV scholars regarding how their research proceeds.  Should be  a good time with good stories and, you know, better-than-decent food. Hope you can come!




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