Still Life

The other day my daughter Emma pulled a pear out of our countertop fruitbowl, held it up with a whimsical smile, and said, “This looks like it belongs in a still life.”  So we imagined our own still life compositions:


Pear with Can Opener

Dishsoap with Pear and Sodden Rag

Pear with Damp Grocery List and Potato Chip Bag and Crumbs

As you head out on your spring breaks, I can’t help imagining your ventures as still-life compositions.  I envision you in various postures of rest and play, eating at a campfire, hiking in the Smokies, running in Floridian sun, smiling in the sound-suffused darkness of a theatre.  Some artistic rendering is waiting for expression.

Honors Student on Chaise Lounge

Plate of Home-cooked Food and Honors Student

Pillow and Honors Student and Afghan

Whatever your composition happens to be over this spring break, I do hope that you find that this vacation gives you occasion to find, in this little stopping point along the Lenten journey, that what we have now, and what we find at Easter, is still and always life.



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