Honors Advice Column

Dear Honors Help Desk, I have been struggling with what to give up for Lent, and now I find that Ash Wednesday has come and gone.  I’m at a loss. Please advise. – Ash-less in Tibstra

Dear Ash-less, unfortunately, today was the last day you could withdraw from Lent and still receive a W on your transcript.  You have until March 22 to make your final decision, of course, although at this point you will receive either a WF or a WP.  You may want to consider auditing Lent next year to avoid this trouble. 


Dear Honors Help Desk, I have this desperate feeling that everywhere I go I am doing something that someone else has given up for Lent.  When I’m taking a cookie from the dessert bar in the Caf, when I’m eating a Troller in the BBC, when I’m eating honey-roasted peanuts at Honors Tea, I feel myself overcome with fear that I’ll look up and meet the sternly disapproving look (or worse, the sickly saintly smile) of someone who is abstaining from the very thing I’m eating. – Worried in West

Dear Worried in West, here are a few recommendations that few of your fellow Trin students are fasting from.  

  1. Trinity Today
  2. Splenda
  3. Second-hand smoke in the Shack
  4. Helium
  5. Leaning against Troy Schemper’s desk in the Mole Hole
  6. Public speaking


Dear Honors Help Desk, I vowed to give up texting for Lent, but I find the promise impossible. Any suggestions? – Not So Smart Phone in South

Dear Not So Smartphone in South, stop by Dean Hanna’s office and get yourself the form for revising Lenten Vows.  I’d suggest that you explain that what you had really intended to give up for the next five weeks was Standard English.

aight?  SLAP?  U R prolly ok. @TEOTD, it’s like omg NBD!!!!




One comment on “Honors Advice Column

  1. Brooke Bozarth says:

    This made me laugh so much. I’m sharing it with the people in my house. :]

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