Top Ten Images Never Seen on Trinfo Screens

A student using the bright blue emergency phone in the gym lot.

The smoke shack chock full of convivial smokers.

Custodian George’s blue and gray pickup with all the flags and bumper stickers.

People clumped around the plate-and-silverware return in the Caf at 12:27 PM, as seen from the workers’ side of the silverware bin.

Midterms week in South lobby.

Dr. Lake writing Cartesian axioms on the window of the BBC with a green marker.

The Ozinga parking lot as seen from the windshield of a roving car at 10:58 AM.

The guardhouse at the Village.

Circles of people eating muffins after chapel.

A person in the Troll costume, with the headpiece off, waving a parking ticket and arguing with a security guard.

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