Beauty in the Simple

A post from Joshua DeJong…

I have always loved fall. My mom makes her homemade applesauce, we carve pumpkins, and giant piles of leaves are constructed to be jumped (or hidden) in. The color palate of the trees widens as browns, oranges, and reds bring signs of the end of plant growth for the year.

The other day I decided to take a walk around campus to look at the trees.  Call me crazy, but I spent 15 minutes looking at the trees in between South and West Hall.  At first, I had to force myself to take the time to look at the trees.  But as I examined each branch and each of the final leaves I saw a uniqueness in each part of the tree. Not just that, but I saw how distinct and sharp the bare branches looked with a clear blue sky as their background.  The sight struck me as beautiful as I tried to experience the tree in a new way.

Well if you are not a tree person, maybe you can appreciate this. After my excursion with the trees, I went to the Beebs/Boot/BBC for a cinnamon roll. Personally, I cannot have the cinnamon rolls without first warming them. It makes me feel as though it came straight out of the oven. I sat by the fire and watched the flames dance as I ate the gooey delicious mess that had resulted from my cinnamon roll. Again, it took me a few minutes before I was able to completely settle myself and just enjoy my treat and the fire. Once I had, I found a calm in each of them. What a great end to my afternoon!

The next day, I caught myself walking past the same trees without even looking at them. I couldn’t help myself because I was too busy to stop, let alone slow down and look at my surroundings. I went to the caf and scarfed down some food so that I could hurry back to my room to get some work done.

Why is it so hard for us to enjoy these small things? When God created the world, he looked at each part of his creation and said that “It is good”.  Most of us would agree with him. We can see the beauty in a sunset, in a painting, or even in another person. But how about in the grass? How about in the wonder that is called an ice cream cone (A food dish to be eaten and enjoyed!!)? How about the ability to be reading this?

Maybe we should try to focus less on the big complex things of this world and try to enjoy the little things that God gives us to brighten our days.


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