Why We Love It

Yesterday at Honors Tea, Jake took some video of us naming things we spontaneously love about the Honors Program.  People laughed.  People cried.  People hid behind couches.  Here are some (but not all) of the findings from our raw footage:

Top Ten Reasons People Say They Valued the Honors Program

  1. Brittany appreciates not having to use a meal swipe on Wednesdays.
  2. Dan appreciates the “Kick-Off” dinners in faculty homes, although he’s never been to one.
  3. Leah is glad that the faculty do not treat her like a child.
  4. Adam likes talking with the old men from the old country.
  5. Matt uses the program as a platform for reenacting scooter accidents.
  6. Sarah likes being splendiforous.
  7. Crummy Craig enjoys being a Subsidiary Advisor (which sounds like a part that goes next to your carburetor).
  8. Kim appreciates licorice and talking in front of a camera.
  9. Bryan appreciates boom mics and sitting on the white couch with his feet straight out in front of him.
  10. Dr. Peters appreciates Honors Tea as a break from his heavy ballet schedule.

Thanks for your laughter yesterday.  It’s a midweek sabbath, thanks to your goodwill and good talk.

God rest ye merry.


One comment on “Why We Love It

  1. mpeterstcc says:

    Fabulous! I can see how this will be a useful tool for recruiting students to Trinity.

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